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TRANSCANADA CHEMICALS Ltd. Specializes in introducing North American products to the world. Our agents successfully open new global markets and help manufacturing companies reach highly profitable markets worldwide. With agents in Canada, USA, Romania, Dubai, China and Australia, our solid network enables us to penetrate emerging markets and position your products effectively.

TRANSCANADA CHEMICALS Ltd. Also serves as a single source supplier of industrial and specialty chemicals. We order your products for you, store them in close proximity to your production locations – and deliver them “just-in-time”. We help our customers to save on procurement costs while providing consistent and cost effective services.

Our Products:

  • Paint, Coating & Inks
  • Rubber, Plastics & Adhesives
  • Paper Making
  • Specialty Chemicals


Paint, Coating & Inks



TRANSCANADA CHEMICALS offers a range of renewable vegetable based oils and additives for the paint and coating industry. In addition to the industry standard products, we offer our proprietary Nazo-dene® line of additives specifically designed meet low VOC requirements.

We strive to be the service solutions leader by providing you the optimal chemistries for your paint and coatings applications.
Our wide range of vegetable based oils can be used as a basis for resins in the alkyd paint, polyurethane and ink markets. These include linseed, soya, canola, sunflower and others.


Rubber, Plastic & Adhesives



TRANSCANADA CHEMICALS offers a vast range of products from industry-leading principals for its customers in plastics, rubber and adhesives manufacturing.

For the Rubber industries, TransCanada Chemicals distributes process oils, functional minerals and other rubber chemicals such as plasticizers, sulfur, stearic acid and more.

To our Plastics customers we market a broad range of products including thermoplastic resins, thermosetting resins, color and effect pigments, functional minerals, and additives (UV stabilizers and absorbers).
As for Adhesives’ manufacturers, we supply a premium range of tackifying resins, functional minerals, and additives such as rheological modifiers.





Paper Making


TRANSCANADA CHEMICALS has a strong commitment to paper industry, providing a full portfolio of high quality products to serve wet-end, surface treatment and coating applications.

With increasingly stringent environmental regulations, we offer products and services to the paper industry that meet even toughest requirements for cost effective, top-performance solutions.


Specialty Chemicals

Friction Industry:

We offer: Additives, boosters and fillers to suit wide-ranging needs, such as calcium carbonate, clays and Interfibe products to barites, vermiculate and ceramics.

Cleaning Industry:

We offer: Surfactants, phosphates and amines.

Lubrication Industry:

We offer: corrosion inhibitors, anti-oxidants and EP/AW additives. We also market a complete line of basestocks, dyes, lubricity agents, rheology modifiers, EP/AW agents, tackifiers, friction modifiers, corrosion inhibitors, fillers and other specialty lubricant additives.


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